2021-2022 NP OM Design Contest


At the SEPA Regional Tournament, teams from all over Southeast PA gather to represent their school district
in the annual competition. Each school district wears a unique tee shirt.   North Penn's unique tee shirts are designed by NP OM team members.  Every team member is invited to submit a design and a contest is held
for teams to choose their favorite design from among the many submitted.  The design that receives the
most votes is used on the front of the tee shirt while the NP rallying cry, "It's Knight Time!" is emblazoned
on the back.  

NP OM's Annual Tee Shirt Design Contest is now underway!  November 17th is the deadline for submitting designs.  Use this form to submit designs:  2022 NP OM Design Contest Form.pdf

All team members are invited to create and submit a tee shirt design.  The rules of Outside Assistance
do not apply; adults can assist!  Contest rules are noted on the form.  Designs will be returned if rules
are not followed.  Parents can submit designs via email to [email protected]

On November 18th, all designs will be posted on the NP OM Website.  Coaches will receive an email with
the NP OM Tee Shirt Order Form attached; this form will be used to order shirts and vote for designs.

Please note that the winning design will not be known before orders are due.
Winning design will be announced at Spontaneous Fun Day;  if delivered in time, shirts distributed at SFD.

      *pictures at top and bottom of the page were taken at the SEPA OM Regional Tournament in 2019.