Implementing Full-Day Kindergarten

Full-Day Kindergarten at NPSD

Following months of preparation, planning and countless hours of hard work from hundreds of helping hands, NPSD successfully launched its full-day kindergarten (FDK) program beginning the 2019-2020 school year! We are so appreciative of the partnership with the school board, staff, families and students in bringing this program to life at North Penn.

Our FDK program has been carefully designed to fit the needs of incoming kindergarten students to learn in a caring, nurturing environment so that each student is educated to their fullest potential. As the school year unfolds, it's been remarkable to see all of our plans come to life every day in the classroom with our teachers and your children, the future of North Penn.

Full-Day Kindergarten in Action

Each month, North Penn Television produces a video update highlighting key components of full-day kindergarten at North Penn. The video is broadcast to the entire district staff and sent in an email newsletter to each of the families of our first ever full-day kindergarten class. While each concept highlighted in the videos may take place at different times throughout the day and look a little different from classroom to classroom, every kindergarten student at NPSD is experiencing these classroom models.