Executive Board Contacts

2021-2022 Gwynedd Square Home & School Executive Board

Co-Presidents: Candice Budinko & Miriam Fredericks - (Email Candice & Miriam) 
VP Events: Brittany Tomszak
VP Fundraising: Lisa Hill
Treasurer: Kerry Tunnell
Assistant Treasurer: Sue Ahart
Secretary: Monica Mastricolo

2020-2021 Gwynedd Square Home & School Executive Board

Co-Presidents: Candice Budinko & Miriam Fredericks
VP Events: Brittany Tomszak
VP Fundraising: Lisa Hill
Treasurer: Tanya Horst
Assistant Treasurer: Sue Ahart
Secretary: Monica Mastricolo


2021-2022 Websites Updates

All website updates should be sent to Candice and Miriam.
Please click here to submit website updates.
Documents should be submitted in PDF, MSWord, MSExcel or MSPowerpoint formats,
and should be approved by the principal before being sent.