Counselor Corner - Self Esteem

Counselor's Comments on Self-Esteem

December, 2011

- Submitted by Suzanne Caiola

I would like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday! With all the stress that comes along with the holidays it is always important to stay positive with children. Self-esteem has a strong impact on a child's life. It affects children's academic achievement, social and emotional health.

The Effects of Self-Esteem. A child's self-esteem affects how he/she thinks, acts, and feels about themselves and others. High self-esteem helps in many ways. With high self-esteem, it is easier to: accept challenges and develop new abilities, maintain self-confidence and improve performance, accept new ideas and ways of doing things while enriching their life through new friends and experiences. Low self-esteem can hurt a child. Children with low self-esteem: lack confidence, feel unloved, isolated and defenseless, may withdraw from friends and family, and may suffer from poor performance at school.

Improving self-esteem takes time, but it's worth it! Help children learn to be their own best friend.

    1. Children must accept their strengths and weaknesses.

    2. Set realistic goals. This can help them learn new skills, develop abilities and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

    3. Offer encouragement as your child works towards his/her goals. Be patient, and take pride in their achievements.

    4. Have children learn to express themselves to their family and friends. Spend time with people who care about them.

    5. Have children trust their thoughts and feelings, and encourage them to act on what they feel is right.

    6. Children should be willing to take chances and be encourage to try something new.

    7. Have them get involved in sports and/or hobbies.

Help children think positively about themselves. Encourage and praise them! You will be amazed at the difference it makes!